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Wild Abandon



A collection of prints and drawings exploring the energy drawn from the wild landscape, the push and pull between control and chaos, the mapping of home, and the boundaries we draw between the wilderness and ourselves.
I take daily walks within the forest, collecting sticks and mark making tools, drawing memory lines, mapping the topography and taking note of tiny details. Expressive gestural marks are then mapped through carving out lines onto a lino plate, something ephemeral made solid. The energy and movement of a landscape captured within a frame and a moment.
I draw with the desire to hold on to what’s left after fire, flood, climate change and human error. A memorial for things left and lost.
Printmaking serves as a mirror, the matrix delivering little wonders and surprises as the paper is pulled off the inky plate. It is this same feeling of magic and mystery when discovering a new bird, flower, insect or noticing the subtle changes within a season.
As we hurtle through this very black and white reactionary time I wish to remind people of the green around us, our great need of its existence and the importance of the little things within it.
Come for a walk through a spotty gum forest full of verdant shifting light, bird song, insect buzz and the rustle of undergrowth.

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