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  • Julie Mia Holmes

Creature Workshops

The local council recently invited me to run some art workshops for Primary School children from years 3-6 after school in the Narooma Library. The brief was to create a series of workshops that could be incorporated into the Library's events as an after school Art Club.

I really wanted to do something printy but unfortunately mess had to be minimal, it was in a library after all! In the end we made creatures from collage and drawings with split pins for moving body parts. The kids made some fantastic creations. It's so inspiring to work with kids, they just get stuck in! Here are some pictures of the kids work. I wish I'd got photos of everything.....these kids just moved too fast!

Panda with chicken drumstick dinner. He had a grill accessory too!

this is the back of the Panda, guts included!

kung fu cheetah! This guys swivelled around on the page.

Mod Cat.

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