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  • Julie Mia Holmes

The River of Art 2019

Updated: May 16, 2019

The River of Art is here!

I'm in a few events this festival, please have a peep and spread the word. :)

SPLINTERS - A group exhibition of fine furniture, marvels in wood and the odd print.

Join us for the Opening at 6pm Friday 17th May

TRACKS - a group exhibition at Durras Progress Hall exploring the multitude of tracks left on the sand. Join us for Artist Talks on Sunday 19th May at 11am.


if you're driving down the main street in Moruya you can ogle the Sport First window. The life drawing group i'm a part of has taken up prime real estate.

Happy Art Viewing everyone!


We Meet in the Middle, Cyanotype, dimensions variable, 2019.

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