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  • Julie Mia Holmes

My Corona!

Hi Everyone,

I did it! I FINALLY set up a little Etsy shop to sell my cards, wrapping paper and small prints.

There's nothing like a pandemic and losing your stable income to kick you out of a web of procrastination......although, does anyone else have any spare cash these days?!

Since we can't socialise maybe posting a card is in order?

Send a real paper thing out to those people you love. Just make sure they quarantine it for a couple of days before opening! Love is the only thing you want to share....

Let's see how long Australia Post survives.....gulp!

So please, take a peep!

Any feedback is welcome as I flail around in this new sea of online selling...

You can check it out here or just click the new SHOP link on my website.

I hope everyone is doing OK out there in this new mad world of ours. Please know you are never alone and only an email, call, video chat or letter away.

I have lots of book recommendations and am having withdrawals sharing them! :)

Sending love and virtual hugs to all my people,

J xxo

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