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  • Julie Mia Holmes

Out of the Ashes

I'm very fortunate and humbled to be included in OUT of the ASHES.

An exhibition showcasing talent and resilience from artists on the South Coast who have suffered through drought, fires and now Covid19. We, the artists, will receive 100% of sales.

This is a community passion-project instigated and run by the lovely Denise Straty from Sydney who volunteered during the fires with the Red Cross. Her generosity and support has been unwavering, even throughout the Corona Virus onslaught.

Before Covid hit we were scheduled to have an exhibition at the Wellington Gallery in Waterloo, Sydney. This has sadly been postponed but you can view all of the work in an online gallery here.

My experience throughout the fires was horrific and traumatising but compared to some of the other artists in this exhibition, incomparable. They lost everything.

I still have my studio, my home.

Please, have a look at the gallery and consider supporting artists in our community.

For more information on the project, the artists and our stories check out The OUT of the ASHES Facebook page.

The Beagle Weekly had also written a lovely article about the project featuring yours truly here.

Love to all in these crazy times,

J x

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